The imperative and scones

Recipes are a good way to learn the imperative- orders -in English. The imperative is most often used speaking to children "Go to bed now!" or in military situations with a command structure, "Stand up!". Usually we don't use the imperative in general conversations as it's seen to be rude. It can be used in arguments "Get out!"

Back to recipes. "Add the milk to the bowl", "Mix in the sugar" are examples of the imperative used to make something.

Scones are a typical British food that originates in the south west of England. They are traditionally served with jam and cream. A special type of cream which comes from Cornwall is known as 'clotted', it's more like the consistency of butter, with a high fat content. This is particularly good in a 'cream tea'- scones, cream and jam, served with a classic pot of tea. 

I use a scones recipe to illustrate the imperative to my students. As an added treat I make scones too and bring in the cream and jam. My students mostly live in the UK and I like them to experience some British culture as well as our language.


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