If Carlsberg did English lessons.....

A few years ago there was a series of adverts by the drinks company Carlsberg. The punchline was "if Carlsberg did <supermarkets, golf courses etc>, they would probably be the best in the world" which was intended to show how great their lager was. The line, "if Carlsberg did..." seems to have made its way into common speech, to describe something that has or would work perfectly.

My 'if Carlsberg did English lessons' happened today . We were discussing the difficulties of talking on the phone and what happens when you have to spell your name or address . One of the students said, "it would be great if you could tell us the words to help us spell the letters, like a is for apple etc". As it happens, I had the next part of the lesson dedicated to teaching them the phonetic alphabet for spelling. Afterwards, the student told me how useful it had been for her.

It is incredibly useful to be able spell confidently and easily on the phone, as there are not any body language cues to work from. The alphabet is available from the link below, have a go at spelling your own name, address including the postcode using alpha, bravo, Charlie etc.



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