Recipes in the UK

I taught a lesson last week about recipes, and how they are different in the UK to other countries. For a start, we use pounds (lb) and ounces (oz), knowns as imperial measurements, as well as kilograms (kg) and grams (g), known as metric measurements. One kilo is 2.2lb. Some recipes have both units present, others may have one or the other. The oven temperatures are also different, and three different temperatures can be given. 'Gas mark' are for gas ovens, Celcius (Centigrade is the old fashioned name) or Fahrenheit are for electric. Don't forget that 'fan ovens' are hotter than usual electric ovens and you may need to reduce the recommended temperature, if you don't want to burn your food! Recipes are a great way to learn the imperative in English, (giving commands), so have a look at a recipe today and improve your English. Happy cooking!

Fahrenheit Celsius Gas Mark Terminology
  275 degrees F   140 degrees C             1   Very Cool or Very Slow
  300 degrees F   150 degrees C             2   Cool or Slow
  325 degrees F   165 degrees C             3   Warm
  350 degrees F   177 degrees C             4   Moderate
  375 degrees F   190 degrees C             5   Moderate
  400 degrees F   200 degrees C             6   Moderately Hot
  425 degrees F   220 degrees C             7   Hot
  450 degrees F   230 degrees C             8   Hot
  475 degrees F   245 degrees C             9   Hot
  500 degrees F   260 degrees C             10   Very Hot


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